A visit from Warburtons! 

Today Rowan Class were very lucky as we had a visit from Warburtons. 

They came to talk to us all about healthy eating and how we can reduce our plastic waste. 

We learnt all about the different food groups and why each of them is important. 

We talked about the history of Warburtons and how they make bread in huge machines. 

Then we got to make some healthy sandwiches. 

We got to spread the butter and choose different fillings to go in our sandwiches. 

Some of us were very brave and tried things we hadn’t tried before. 

After we had made our sandwiches we looked at what we could do with the waste and even how to reduce our household waste. 

We then all got to take home a pack of thins, our sandwich, a certificate and even an activity pack. 

What a fantastic morning! 

Miss West 🙂 


Karate assembly 

Today we were given a look into martial arts and karate. 

We were very lucky to be able to join in with different moves and learn how to respect one another. 

What a brilliant way to focus our mind and body. 

Miss West 🙂 

Welcome Rowan Class 2018-2019

Good morning and welcome to Rowan Class!

What a brilliant start to the term and the year. 

We spent some time talking about our holidays whether that was abroad or camping in the garden. It was lovely to hear all of the amazing things we have been up to in the summer holidays. 

We spent some time talking about our new class rules. We were all very keen to make sure that good manners and good listening were included as they were important to us. 

Then we spent some time looking in the I Wonder box. 

We talked about why the dinosaurs became extinct – we all had such good ideas! 

In the afternoon Mrs Kerr came and got to know us all because she will be taking Rowan Class every Tuesday afternoon. It was lovely to talk about things that we like and dislike. 
What a brilliant getting to know you day. 

Looking forward to tomorrow 

Miss West 🙂 

A visit from a real wizard! 

Today we had a visit from an author called Steve who has written the book ‘The rhythm of rhyme.’ We were all treated to Steve the wizard reading us some of the poems from his book. We had lots of fun listening to the different poems and joining in with the rhymes and songs. 

What a fantastic start to a brand new half term. 

Steve shows us his book that he has written. 

He introduces us to the wizard of rhythm and rhyme. 

Here is a small clip of King Arthur – a poem about his life. 

Miss West 🙂

A fun filled day of Easter activities 🐰

We started the day with our own class assembly. This was the assembly that we had to postpone due to the snow a few weeks ago. 

We have worked very hard over the last few weeks to rehearse and prepare everything for our assembly. We hope you enjoyed it! 

We then had a very special visitor come and give us an Easter treat. 

The Easter bunny hid some Easter treats for us around the hall and we had to help him to find them. As a reward for finding all the treats we were each given an Easter egg – yummy! 

Then we had the chance to share our Easter bonnets with each other. They are all so fantastic – can’t wait to share the Easter bonnet parade with you all. 

After a busy Easter morning we finished off our Easter card ready to take home for Easter weekend. 

Then we got ready for the Easter parade by getting our Easter bonnets on as well as well as jumpers as it was a bit chilly. 

Nicole was our winner of the Easter bonnet competition – it was very difficult to choose and they were all amazing. 

We finished the day with some Easter treats. 

Have a lovely Easter holiday everyone! 

Miss West 🙂

A busy day but an exciting way to spend the day. 

Today we started the day with a very exciting assembly by year 6. 

They showed us all the different things they have been up to over the last few weeks. I can’t believe all the different things they have been up to – sounds like Year 6 has been a fun place to be. 

Then we had a very special guest after lunch.  Miss Boyne brought in her ex police dog Thuder.  

We got to ask lots of questions and found how what Thunder got up to as a police dog. 

We were even allowed to have a little hug and a stroke. He was very lovely and we loved having him to visit. Thank you !iss Boyne! Thunder is welcome back any time. 

Miss West 🙂